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If anyone be confronted with an emergency situation, the most significant idea at that time is to stay calm. It’s not so important that which emergency situation you are faced with, the most important thing is to stay relaxed to get the best possible result. If there should be a real emergency always dial 911 – to save a life or stop a felony or inform a fire. There are various types of emergencies that a person can face.

Medical Emergency
Hotline: (877) 817-7621 and Dept. of Health: (800) 278-2965

For any medical emergencies you must have full knowledge of the shortest possible route to the hospital from your home. Always save emergency numbers of your doctor or clinic by the mobile phone and make a list of medicament being used by members of the household. Call Queens medical emergency number such as 999, 112 or 911.

Fire Emergency
Queens Fire Emergency Number : 911

At the time of fire emergency, immediately activate the nearest fire alarm. Alert all people and try to evacuate that area as quickly as possible. Do not try to use elevators, always use stairs to go down. Call Queens fire emergency number such as 911.

Police Emergency
Queens Police Emergency Number : 911

At any police emergencies immediately call your nearest local police emergency number such as 911.